Defendant moved to dismiss plaintiff’s claims for statutory damages, as its infringement began prior to the filing of plaintiff’s earliest copyright applications. Plaintiff argued that defendant’s ongoing infringement, which occurred subsequent to plaintiff’s latest filings, would be subject to possible statutory damages.

Held: plaintiff given leave to plead with specificity whether defendant’s infringing activity of

Although plaintiff Remy Martin owns a registration for its claimed trade dress in its cognac bottle, and even though it provided images of the drawings from its registrations and of the relevant bottles, plaintiff did not clearly and separately identify the elements of its claimed trade dress. Its trademark claims were dismissed with leave to

The Cuban government seized Bacardi’s assets in Cuba in 1960. While the assignee of those rights may not lawfully utilize the mark in the U.S., the U.S. government will not extinguish any rights the assignee may have in the U.,S. Bacardi has been fighting this for decades. Coverage of the HAVANA CLUB saga here.

Kohzikode is a large city on the Malabar coast in the south west of India in the Kerala state. It is known in English as Calicut.

Calicut is one of the pivots on which world economic history turned. By the time of the 1400’s, Calicut had been an important trading city for  several hundred years

The appellation of origin of the day is Mocha. Mocha is a city in Yemen, known as a market (not a grower) of coffee beans from the 15th through the 18th centuries.

A great deal of the coffee was imported from Harar in Ethiopia.  A mocha latte is a chocolate-flavored coffee beverage. This article suggests