Has Solid 21 achieved secondary meaning in term RED GOLD, a form of gold with high copper content, used for luxury watches. Whether Richemont used the term descriptively will be question for jury, summary judgment denied.


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Court Description: MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER. Earlier today, the Court entered a Final Default Judgment and Permanent Injunction Order. ECF No. 43. The Court largely adopted the order proposed by Plaintiff DKH Retail Ltd. (“DKH”), with one notable exc eption: The Court declined to adopt DHK’s proposal for a full shut-down of the

Our firm, Leason Ellis, has filed a declaratory judgment action on behalf of plaintiff, Anne With An E, a theatrical producer that is developing a musical based on the 1908 novel ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. Plaintiff seeks a declaration that its musical will not infringe the asserted tradeamrk rights of Defendant, an entity owned in

I asked: “What were the first trademarks?

ChatGPT replied:

The use of trademarks can be traced back to ancient times, when craftsmen and traders marked their goods with unique symbols or designs to identify their origin or quality. However, the modern concept of trademarks as legally protected intellectual property emerged in the late