This could be an important story for brand professionals. County star Luke Combs won a $250K copyright judgment against an ailing fan. Now, the fan says she didn’t know about the suit (sic), and he says he didn’t know about the suit (sic)

If you’ve been following U.S. TM and copyright litigation trends, then you

Old-timers will recall that in early 2002, before there was a Trademark Blog, I hosted the International Trademark MetaSearch, which allowed a single search of every online trademark registry at the time. That got too expensive to maintain, and the Metasearch was consigned to the dustbin of history. However, the need for and usefulness of

Not really an unusual decision but a reminder about the need for speed when bringing preliminary injunction motions. Plaintiff learned of complained-of behavior in June, didn’t file the proposed order to show cause until November. It’s three reasons for delay: (1) waiting for the expedited copyright reg’ns; (2) it granted an extension to the defendant

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On the one hand its prudent to advise all attornies to read any decision where Rule 11 sanctions are actually awarded. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine an attorney finding him or herself in this situation.
Trademark owner, who sells hoisin sauce, prevails on partial summary judgment against infringer. Five months after summary