Blockchange Ventures I GP, LLC. v. Blockchange, Inc, 1:21-cv-00891-PAE (SDNY July 22, 2021.
Jurisdictional discovery will be required.
From the decision (Edelman, J): “Plaintiff, based in New York, is “engaged in the provision of venture capital, development capital, private equity, investment funding and wealth management exclusively in the field of digital assets.” . Plaintiff characterizes

Trump sues Twitter in Southern Florida, as a part of a class that has been de-platformed. Count one is that the First Amendment has been violated, Count two seeks a declaration that Section 230 is unconstitutional, and an unspecified amount of monetary damages are sought. He sued Google and Facebook in separate actions.

Twitter’s Terms

Sukumar v IOC, 21cv215-GPC (AGS) (SD Cal June 1 2021)

Plaintiff ordered three commemorative replica stopwatches from Omega for $350K. The watches and customized pouches were to be engraved with the Olympic Rings logo (the original stopwatch had been used in the 1932 Olympics).  Plaintiff was dissatisfied with the final product. Omega “rejected