Defendant’s vanilla bean ice cream contains specks of vanilla bean. Plainitff alleges that the specks contain no flavor, and that the vanilla flavor is derived from vanillin and synthetic vanillin. IT might be the case that very little of the flavor comes from the vanilla beans as opposed as from the extracts, but there

Title:    Trademark and Copyright Associate | Mid-Level  

Status: Full-Time; Exempt

Leason Ellis LLP is seeking a mid-level associate to join our leading trademark and copyright practice team! 

World Trademark Review states that our “lean size belies the immense talent housed here, with all its lawyers boasting stellar credentials.”  We tend to agree.  Leason


This billboard in Herald Square is arguably one of the most famous signs in the world, at least during the parade on Thanksgiving. In 1963, Macy’s entered into an agreement with the owner of the billboard that the sign could not be used to “. . . advertise or refer directly or indirectly to

Prevailing defendant’s motion for fees denied by Judge Liman. The Octane standard for “exceptionality” includes frivolousness, motivation, objective uneasonableness (both in the factual and legal components of the case, and the need in particular circumstances to advance considerations of compensation and deterrence.

Plaintiff’s patents, although found to be unenforceable at the motion to dismiss stage,

Plaintiff claims copyright in ART WE ALL and design., which design he claimed he merchandised. Sues Defendant for selling ARTWEALL merchandise on copyright and trademark. Magistrate Judge finds that (1) plaintiff’s affixation of the design in grafitti insufficient to show that defendant had access to the work; and (2) plaintiff failed to show that he

Strike 3 subpoenas ISPs to determine the identities of John Does that it alleges downloaded its copyrighted (adult) films. The decision describes the procedure to be filed in view of the “sensitive nature of the allegations.”

strike 2 john doe subpoena edny

Blockchange Ventures I GP, LLC. v. Blockchange, Inc, 1:21-cv-00891-PAE (SDNY July 22, 2021.
Jurisdictional discovery will be required.
From the decision (Edelman, J): “Plaintiff, based in New York, is “engaged in the provision of venture capital, development capital, private equity, investment funding and wealth management exclusively in the field of digital assets.” . Plaintiff characterizes