The Center for Countering Digital Hate is a not for profit organization that publishes reports on among other things, hate speech and disinformation on social media. Its reports contain the “big if true” allegations that a small number of social media accounts, such as Twitter, are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of objectionable conduct. For

Has Solid 21 achieved secondary meaning in term RED GOLD, a form of gold with high copper content, used for luxury watches. Whether Richemont used the term descriptively will be question for jury, summary judgment denied.

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Court Description: MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER. Earlier today, the Court entered a Final Default Judgment and Permanent Injunction Order. ECF No. 43. The Court largely adopted the order proposed by Plaintiff DKH Retail Ltd. (“DKH”), with one notable exc eption: The Court declined to adopt DHK’s proposal for a full shut-down of the

Our firm, Leason Ellis, has filed a declaratory judgment action on behalf of plaintiff, Anne With An E, a theatrical producer that is developing a musical based on the 1908 novel ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. Plaintiff seeks a declaration that its musical will not infringe the asserted tradeamrk rights of Defendant, an entity owned in