McGowen Precision Barrels v Proof Research, TTAB can no. 92067618 (precedential).

Petitioner seeks cancellation of Respondent’s registration for a configuration trademark:

a gun barrel trade dress registration described as:

The “mottled” appearance was created by wrapping carbon fiber around a gun barrel, “curing” the fiber, grinding it and polishing it. As carbon fiber is substituted

Justia summary: Skechers challenged the district court’s issuance of a preliminary injunction prohibiting it from selling shoes that allegedly infringe and dilute adidas America, Inc.’s Stan Smith trade dress and Three-Stripe trademark. The panel affirmed in part, holding that the district court did not abuse its discretion in issuing the preliminary injunction as to

bonella cards

From the knock-down drag-out world of religious prayer cards: plaintiff fails to establish trade dress in its catalog. Exhaustive discussion of analysis of trademark protection for the ‘look and feel’ of a catalog.

43(b)log discussion of Gerffert v Dean here.

gerffert trade dress in catalog.pdf

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huh. Plaintiff owns an incontestable registration for RUFFLEBUTTS for children’s apparel. It spots a suspicious order by defendant, who (allegedly) indicates that it is seeking to copy plaintiff’s business (see Complaint paras 21 to 28). Plaintiff’s RUFFLEBUTT product illustrated on top, defendant’s RUFFLE BUNS below it. I don’t know what the market looks like, but

Plaintiff claims trade dress in its traction hoist (used for things like moving window washing platforms). The trade dress claim was in:

1) a cube-shaped gear box with horizontal fins;

2) a cylindrical motor mounted in an off-set position on the cube and partially overhanging the edge of the cube:

3) the cylindrical motor including