This could be an important story for brand professionals. County star Luke Combs won a $250K copyright judgment against an ailing fan. Now, the fan says she didn’t know about the suit (sic), and he says he didn’t know about the suit (sic)

If you’ve been following U.S. TM and copyright litigation trends, then you

Strike 3 subpoenas ISPs to determine the identities of John Does that it alleges downloaded its copyrighted (adult) films. The decision describes the procedure to be filed in view of the “sensitive nature of the allegations.”

strike 2 john doe subpoena edny

Dunkin Donuts is a franchisor. If a franchisee allegedly breaches its agreement such that Dunkin terminates the license, and the licensee continues to use the trademarks, then in addition to any contractual claims, there may be trademark claims as well:
Dunkin Donuts v. Bakery Maestro, 1:08-cv-00659-RBK-JS (D NJ Feb 6 2008) (excerpted complaint).

Someone asked on the INTA discussion list: how much does a survey for use in litigation cost and someone replied:
“Just did a likelihood of confusion survey conducted over telephone with
137 professional respondents and the cost was $48,000. Does not include
any depositions or trial testimony.”
The deposition or trial testimony referred to

Duke Law & Technology Review iBrief: “Injunction Junction: Remembering The Proper Function and Form Of Equitable Relief In Trademark Law.”
Abstract: Injunctions are supposed to be among the most extraordinary remedies in the American judicial system, yet they have become anything but rare in trademark litigation. Although the unique nature of trademark protection may explain