Plaintiff alleges ownership of SUNCOO trademark for disposable face masks, which masks it sells on Amazon. Various defendants allegedly sold counterfeit SUNCOO masks. Amazon purchased a shipment of SUNCOO-branded masks that were in fact counterfeit, Amazon sold such masks under plaintiff’s ASIN, inadvertently, and has indicated to plaintiff that it was cooperating with regard

Modellbahn Ott Hobbies dba Supreme Hobbies v Velcro, et. al., 20 cv 03526 (LLS) (SDNY May 20, 2021)

From the complaint: Plaintiff, doing business as Supreme Hobbies, contracted with Amazon to sell goods to customers on Amazon. The products were obtained from an authorized distribitutor of Velcro, American Tombow, Rubiks, Mattel and Koala Tools.

California water bottle company sues unknown entities for merging, manipulating, altering, and “hijacking” plaintiff’s product listings and consumer reviews causing them to be associated with defendants’ products instead.” There is a Section 43(a) claim that alleges confusion as to origin, but plaintiff doesn’t appear to allege ownership of a trademark. The complaint alleges that “misappropriated”