Modellbahn Ott Hobbies dba Supreme Hobbies v Velcro, et. al., 20 cv 03526 (LLS) (SDNY May 20, 2021)

From the complaint: Plaintiff, doing business as Supreme Hobbies, contracted with Amazon to sell goods to customers on Amazon. The products were obtained from an authorized distribitutor of Velcro, American Tombow, Rubiks, Mattel and Koala Tools. The defendants published IP complaints with Amazon falsely alleging that the products were counterfeit. Amazon teminated its contract with plaintiff. Brand protection companies Incopro and Yellow Brand are among the defendants.

Interesting facts, but no apparent connection to New York. Several defendants dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction.


Text of decision in Modellbahn Ott Hobbies v Velcro