Photographer, represented by the Liebowitz firm, sued defendant media website for unauthorized publication of plaintiff’s photo illustrating an article entitled “Rick Ross Questions Birdman’s Net Worth After Cash Money Boss Defaults On $12 Million Loan.” Plaintiff’s allegation that defendant was based in Brooklyn according to third-party website, deemed inadmissible hearsay and therefore insufficient to establish

American Girls sells dolls. Defendant, located in China, allegedly sells counterfeits of plaintiff’s dolls. Plaintiff attempted trap buys into the district, however no orders were fulfilled. Defendant alleged that it had a policy of not shipping into the U.S. Court dismisses for lack of specific jurisdiction, as mere accessibility of the website in the

TRO signed by use of ALIBABACOIN for Dubai-based ICO venture. Memo of law below.

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EDNY court exercises personal jurisdiction over defendant whose contacts with New York consist of three trap sales to plaintiff and fairly successful ‘stores’ on Amazon and eBay.

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Plaintiff alleges that Defendants’ infringing actions include selling McPherson’s book, “DO Something: Make Your Life Count,” in New York, promoting McPherson’s book in New York and advertising and offering items for sale to New York residents via interactive websites. Plaintiff has made a prima facie showing that

After Iowa defendant began using same mark as Arkansas plaintiff, defendant attended a single meeting in Arkansas to discuss taking a license. This meeting did not give rise to specific personal jurisdiction in Arkansas.

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Personal jurisdiction is a matter of state law. NY copyright owner (Penguin) sues Oregon/Arizona entity in New York for uploading copyrighted works onto website.  The Federal District Court dismisses for lack of long arm jurisdiction under NY’s statute.  Looking to NY’s highest court for interpretation of its state statute, the Second Circuit certified the following