The Center for Countering Digital Hate is a not for profit organization that publishes reports on among other things, hate speech and disinformation on social media. Its reports contain the “big if true” allegations that a small number of social media accounts, such as Twitter, are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of objectionable conduct. For

Plaintiff extracts spring water. One defendant allegedly extracts well water, which it misrepresents as spring water to other defendants, who are bottlers, and who also misrepresent the water as spring water.

Applying Lexmark, court holds that bottler defendants’ alleged false statements do not proximately injury plaintiff (as opposed to the false statements by extractor

Let’s see. Oxford Press sent me a review copy of Bill Patry’s new book (I should get around to reading it). A law firm marketing company sent me a book about law firm marketing, then asked me to plug one of their seminars, which I didn’t. MR HAPPY CRACK sent me a MR HAPPY CRACK

We solicit comment on the relationship between the Commission’s sponsorship
identification rules and increasing industry reliance on embedded advertising techniques. Due, in part, to recent technological changes that allow consumers to more readily bypass commercial content, content providers may be turning to more subtle and sophisticated means of incorporating commercial messages into traditional programming.

WSJ: “Provocative Lawyer Advertising: Fair or Foul?

To a large degree, the story focuses on Florida. The Sunshine State prohibits slogans, jingles and “manipulative” visual depictions, among many other no-no’s. The Florida bar also has a thing about certain animals. Pit bulls are verboten (as was the advertisement pictured), and the bar has also stricken

A NY-based web company put something cool on the web and I thought “it must be fun to work with those people, I wonder who does their TM work.” Some research suggested that perhaps no one was yet.
Now, if this was a year ago, I could send an email to the GC or CEO