Satellite TV provider DirecTV ran two types of ads. One was targeted at local markets and made claims regarding the availability of that market’s football team’s games on DirecTV and the alleged unavailability thereof on satellite. The other made claims as to the superiority of DirecTV’s high definition signal over cable (see the Star Trek

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I confess that I have used the expression “Whachoo talkin’ about Willis?” without ever having seen a single episode of “Diff’rent Strokes” (nor have I ever spelled ‘different’ as ‘diff’rent’) but I am aware where the phrase comes from.
Noted authority TV Land, is coming out with a special “The 100 Top TV Catchphrases

digg effect.png is a news-site that uses ‘social bookmarking.’ Readers submit third-party stories and the most popular stories are displayed on the home page. According to this article, one of the most popular posts last week was a laudatory story about a company named InventionLand, an inventor-submission firm (every patent lawyer in the audience just

Phone records of candidate for office (a district attorney, running for congress) shows call to ‘fantasy sex’ phone line, lasting 1 minute or less. A second call is then made immediately to a similar phone number belonging to a government office, which number shares last seven digits with the first phone number.
National political party