The Center for Countering Digital Hate is a not for profit organization that publishes reports on among other things, hate speech and disinformation on social media. Its reports contain the “big if true” allegations that a small number of social media accounts, such as Twitter, are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of objectionable conduct. For

Playboy sues divorce lawyer/former columnist/former Playboy model, for filing application for LAWYER OF LOVE (name of her Playboy column). I would assume LAWYER OF LOVE was a generic term for trademark lawyer. Defendant owns a registration for the mark LIFE’S SHORT, GET A DIVORCE. Background here.
Complaint Lawyer of Love Playboy

Plaintiff, movie distributor (The Weinstein Company), attempts to obtain exclusive license to distribute movie. It emails producer “We confirm that we accept your offer.” Producer immediately emails back “we’re going over the terms, we’ll get back to you.” (my paraphrase). Then producer does the deal with a different distributor. Distributor attempts to argue either (1)