Virtual World News: Taser Sues Linden:

Taser International has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Linden Lab, reports Bloomberg, claiming the publisher is illegitimately selling virtual goods based on the Taser stun guns. the Second Life online virtual world creator over claims it sells unauthorized virtual versions of its stun guns.

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Michael Carrier and Greg Lastowka: “Against Cyberproperty

Ever since cyberproperty burst onto the legal scene a decade ago, courts and scholars have assumed that it is inevitable. This Article shows that it is not. Scholars have examined one element of the link between cyberproperty and property in asking whether cyberspace is the correct

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First Life bills itself as a 3D Analog World. It makes ambitious claims about the users’ ability to ‘work, reproduce and perish.’ There does not seem to be a terms of service agreement, suggesting that users would have to rely upon the court system for intellectual property protection, a distinct disadvantage compared to, for example,