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You say Infringement I say First Amendment.
Daniel Moore paints photorealistic paintings of Alabama football. The NY Times reports that the University of Alabama has now sued, alleging trademark infringement arising from his use of the Crimson Tide’s Crimson. The article notes that Alabama had previously allowed Moore press access to the field (raising contractual

E! Online: “‘Heroes’ Lawsuit Down the Drain” (Manufacturer of in-sink disposal objects to depiction of product in NBC show ‘Heroes’ – a super hero character displays prowess by placing her in hand in said disposal). HT Nerdlaw.
Some background here.

. . . unless you’re eBay. Incidental to doing a search, I noticed that there were a gazillion dead and soon to be dead trademark applications for businesses providing ancilliary services to eBay sellers (e.g. WE WILL SELL YOUR STUFF ON EBAY FOR YOU or JOE’S EBAY DROP SHOP). These applicants could possibly use these

The Department of the Army owns a federal registration for WEST POINT covering multiple goods and services. West Point Graduates Against The Waris an organization of West Point graduates against the war. The Army has sent them a demand letter.
Some cases involving trademark use by advocacy organizations include Brach van Houten Holding v.