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In September, the New York Personal Injury Blog reported on a court decision in which a federal judge held that a 2005 federal law that abolished vicarious liability for car renting and leasing companies. It illustrated the article with the logos of Hertz and Avis.
Eric Turkewitz, author of the blog, now reports that Fred Grumman, Associate General Counsel of Avis, posted the following comment on the blog:
Mr. Turkewitz: This particular piece has just been brought to my attention.
We have the greatest respect for your right to express your opinions on your blog, but that does not include the right to use Avis’ trademark as you have done in this particular piece.
Understandably, trademark law is not within your area of expertise. Therefore, we trust that this was done out of ignorance and not based on an intent to misuse our mark to the benefit of your personal injury practice.
We ask that you remove it immediately and refrain from any similar use in the future.
Thank you for you prompt attention to this request.
Fred Grumman
Associate General Counsel
Avis Budget Group, Inc.