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Knoll, successor in interest to Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona collection, sues Mod Decor on ‘look-a-like’ furntiure.
Mod Decor’s ‘modern seating’ page here.
Prior post on protection of Barcelona chair here.
Drawing from Knoll’s registration in the Barcelona couch above.
Knoll filed a similar lawsuit against Sexyfurnishings today as well.
Complaint Barcelona Chair

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Nike owns a registration in the design of the AIR FORCE 1 sneaker (middle picture) consisting of “the design of the stitching on the exterior of the shoe, the design of the material panels that form the exterior body of the shoe, the design of the wavy panel on the top of the shoe that

Via Loeb and Loeb: Do Denim v Fried Denim:

Although Plaintiff’s opposition papers contain various generalized assertions about the nature of the jeans industry and the extent to which jeans designers rely on back-pocket-embroidered designs that may or may not be similar ot the Dragon Design, the Amended Compaint itself contains no factual allegation as

gucci red stripe.jpg
The advance service didn’t print the exhibits and the complaint isn’t on Pacer. The complaint refers to Gucci’s red green stripe and a pattern of interlocking G’s (I pulled the picture above randomly – it’s not from the complaint). If you know what the Guess product looks like, give a holler.
Complaint Gucci v Guess

nite owl coffee.jpg
Chock Full Of Nuts is the heavenly coffee, better coffee a millionaire’s money can’t buy. Nite Owl is a character from the WATCHMEN movie. Defendant came out with Nite Owl Coffee, apparently as merchandising related to the movie.
First aside: I speculate that the (registered) checkerboard design on the CFON label alludes to the ‘