From the complaint:

“Since 2000, Plaintiff has been engaged in the commercial entertainment distribution industry. Plaintiff formerly sold and rented edited movies. Plaintiff currently rents unedited movies via an online business. Until recently, Defendant sold and rented edited movies. This case is about Defendant falsely representing himself to be a founder, owner, franchisee, or dealer

Eastwood chair.JPG
From the complaint:
. . . Defendants have been manufacturing, offering for sale . . . a line of so-called “home theater chairs” one of which is called “The Eastwood.” . . . Defendants also have been manufacturing . . . “home theater chairs” named after various other living and deceased celebrities, including

Allegation form the complaint:

Defendant sare engaged in an Internet marketing business of a dubious nature. In
order to lure people to the Web sites of defendants and other entities, defendants blast untold
numbers of unsolicited SPAM e-mails to people’s e-mail accounts. These e-mail messages are
sent in a way to make them falsely appear