Eastwood chair.JPG
From the complaint:
. . . Defendants have been manufacturing, offering for sale . . . a line of so-called “home theater chairs” one of which is called “The Eastwood.” . . . Defendants also have been manufacturing . . . “home theater chairs” named after various other living and deceased celebrities, including “The Brando,” “The Cagney,” “The Cooper,” “The Bronson” and “The Connery.”
Clint Eastwood v. Palliser Furniture, CV08-00266 (CD California Jan 16 2008).
Gorillaz has a good song named “Clint Eastwood.” “High Plains Drifter” may be my favorite of his westerns. ‘Bird,” I think, was underrated.
You’ll note that several of the movie stars listed in the complaint are dead and may wonder whether that would affect the analysis. It depends – research the term “descendability of publicity.”