Defendant allegedly ran photos of plaintiff models, to promote defendant’s resorts. Discussion of what tort this might be (false advertisement, unjust enrichment), and what it might not be (negligence per se).

Also, complaint was a few hundred pages too long.

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This is interesting for a bunch of reasons. The San Francisco Forty-Niners sue a nightclub near its stadium, that promotes events that refer to the Niners or its players. See Exhibits Q, R and S in the second document below for ads the club distributes to promote, for example, birthday parties ‘in honor of’ specific

This is a lawsuit my firm filed against a company that we allege is a ‘trademark scammer.’ Defendants moved to dismiss. The Court maintained our false advertising claim. 43(b)log comments here.

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BusinessInsider: CNN Acquires CNNBRK Twitter Account:

Hard to believe, but the CNN Twitter account racing Ashton Kutcher to 1 million subscribers wasn’t even under CNN’s (TWX) control until recently.
CNN has taken control of the @cnnbrkaccount — and its 944,000 followers — we’ve heard. We don’t know the transaction details, and are waiting to hear

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Luxist: “No More VUITTON Straps For Dave Navarro“:

[Navarro of Jane’s Addiction] has received a rather stern letter from the Vuitton legal team saying in part that: “We have no doubt that this copying has been willful and is intended to trade upon the fame and cachet of the LV Trademarks to elevate