The Daily Mail published an article that Michael Lindell, the My Pillow guy, alleging that he had had a “secret romance” with the actress Jane Krakowski, wooing her with flowers and champagne. Ms. Krakowski was allegedly impressed that Mr. Lindell had turned his life around, going from crack cocaine addict in his 20’s, to

Trump lawyer Jason Greenblatt threatens Tony Schwartz, (credited) author of “The Art of the Deal” and author’s lawyer, Elizabeth McNamara’s response. Background here.

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Jeffery Goldberg writes about the Mid-East for the Atlantic. For what it’s worth, he was pro-Iraq invasion in 2002. He recently wrote a piece about Sarah Palin’s comments to Katie Couric that you can read here. His piece was entitled “Sarah Palin Endorses Hamas.”
His argument, as I understand it, is this: because unintended

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been sued by a former restaurant manager, alleging that Ramsay falsified scenes for a Fox reality show, “Kitchen Nightmares.” Coverage here. Email me for a copy of the complaint.

I’m not ignoring commenting on AVVO, the numerical lawyer rating service that is the subject of lawsuits – it’s just that if to answer a question such as whether I thought AVVO was good or not, I was required to analyze numerous factors, and I didn’t have the time to competently evaluate all, or even