Plaintiff uses the mark UTAH LIGHTHOUSE in connection with goods and services that critque Mormonism. There has been extensive history between plaintiff and the LDS faith. Defendant FAIR responds to such critiques, and created a parody website that was similar in appearance to that of Plaintiff. Defendant used domain names such as UTAHLIGHTOUSE.COM to direct

Some websites are reporting that Vuitton actually sued the artist who created the Darfur t-shirt (background here), soemthing I have been unable to confirm. Here is an interesting analysis from a brand analyst from Forrester Research as to what Vuitton’s options are in a situation like this.

The Seattle Trademark Lawyer has a post on Kerusso, a seller of Christian-themed t-shirts. Several of its reported best-sellers are based on well-known trademarks. STL points to two Ninth Circuit cases, the Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. v. Penguin Books USA, Inc., 109 F.3d 1394, 1405 (9th Cir. 1997), and the Barbie Girl case, Mattel,