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NY Times: “The Secret to Success in Publishing: Bash Bush, With Nods to a Classic“:

The cover of “Goodnight Bush” looks almost exactly like “Goodnight Moon — green and orange, with an image of a window and fireplace — and uses a similar rhyme scheme. But there the thematic similarities end.
The authors, Erich Origen and Gan Golan, set their story in “a situation room.” There is no bunny snuggling into bed, but rather George W. Bush, grinning and wearing a “Mission Accomplished” flight suit. Instead of three little bears sitting on chairs, there are “war profiteers giving three cheers.”

Well, let’s see. First I would read the book and dust off one of our copies of “Goodnight Moon.” I would check out the Cat Is Not In The Hat case, then the Priceless decision, and take it from there.
UPDATE: 43(b)log take on this.