What Is This Thing Called Dilution?

National Academy of TV Arts and Sciences v. Multimedia System Design d/b/a “Crowdsource the Truth, 20-cv-7269 (VEC), SDNY July 20, 2021

Hollywood Reporter coverage when suit was filed.

Defendant “produces video content that, inter alia, traffics in wild conspiracy theories” (now there’s a finding of fact in a judicial decision you don’t see

Alexndra Roberts: “New-School Trademark Dilution: Famous Among the Juvenile Consuming Public“:

The recently enacted Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006 recali-
brated the degree of fame necessary to garner protection: the TDRA applies
only to a mark “widely recognized by the general consuming public of the Unit-
ed States as a designation of

WSJ: The Scariest Monster of All Sues for Trademark Infringement“:

When Christina and Patrick Vitagliano dreamed up their Monster Mini Golf franchises — 18-hole, indoor putting greens straddled by glow-in-the-dark statues of ghouls and gargoyles — they never imagined that a California maker of high-end audio cables would object.
But Monster Cable Products Inc.,

hershey art van.jpeg
Art Van sells furniture. Truck is pictured above. Hershey protested. Interestingly, this complaint contains, in addition to trade dress claims, a conversion claim. Conversion usually involves defendant maintaining control over a chattel. I’m aware of conversion theories applied to intangible property but usually where a chattel bears a relationship to a property right (such