Dr Oz and Oprah Endorse This Complaint

Dr Oz and Oprah sue many many websites using their names and likenesses to push dietary supplements such as reservatol and Acai. Background here.
compaint oz


Looks Like La Russa v Twitter Has Not Settled As Of Yet

From Twitter’s blog:

With due respect to the man and his notable work, Mr. La Russa’s lawsuit was an unnecessary waste of judicial resources bordering on frivolous. Twitter’s Terms of Service are fair and we believe will be upheld in a court that will ultimately dismiss Mr. La Russa’s lawsuit.


Text of Complaint in Yahoo v NFL Players, Decision in CBS Interactive v NFL Players, re Fantasy Stats

Yahoo has sued the NFL Players Union re the use of statistics in fanstasy football games, after Minnesota District Court rules in favor of CBS Interactive in similar suit. CBS decision and Yahoo complaint reproduced below.
Decision Cbs v Nfl

Complaint Yahoo Nfl Pa


Text of Complaint in La Russa TM Suit Against Twitter

St Louis Manager Tony La Russa has sued Twitter in Superior court in San Francisco over a fake La Russa Twitter account. Text of La Russa complaint here; Citizen Media summary of case here, coverage here. One account reported that La Russa sued after Twitter failed to respond to attempts to contact it.


The Woody Allen/Annie Hall Epiphany: Summary Judgement Memo in Allen v American Apparel

Memo in support of summary judgement by American Apparel, defendant, against Woody Allen, plaintiff. Background here.
From the Table of Contents, Statement of Facts:
The Meteoric Rise of Dov Charney and His Company, Americn Apparel
The Media Vilifies Mr. Charney and Truns Against American Apparel
The Woody Allen/Annie Hall Epiphany
The Display of the Images
The Images as Mr. Charney’s Artisitc Expression, Social Commentary and Art Parody
Mr. Charney Consistently Champions the First Amendment’s Freedom of Expression
Memo Woody Allen Sj American


Try Not To Infringe The President's Rights On Labels The Government Has To Approve

That would appear to be the moral of this story in which a Brooklyn brewery sold OBAMA Ale and the BATF rejected its label.


"'They Are Not Exact Replications Of These Girls"

So says Ty, Inc. to allegations that it based its new Sasha and Malia dolls on Sasha and Malia Obama. Perhaps they are not exact replications because Sasha and Malia Obama are not 12 inch plush dolls.
There won’t be a suit because sitting presidents tend not to sue private manufacturers when they come out with products that (allegedly) reproduce some name, likeness or other protectable attribute of the First Family (although the former administration did protest a parody that may have implicated Mrs Cheney’s rightss – leading to this blogs first use of the term Coulrophobia).
But if there were a suit I would hope that it would find it’s way to Judge Posner (who is well acquainted with Ty).
p.s. The utilization of the IP and personality rights of public officials (and families) raises interesting First Amendment issues. Several years ago Arnold Schwarzenegger protested the use of bobble-heads that bore his image. I blogged about a different aspect of that matter but alluded briefly to the possibilitiy that his rights to his image as Governor should be treated differently to his rights to his image as a private citizen, even a celebrated one.


Use of Artist's Name On Cover Of Compilation Album

DJ David Guetta sues re use of his name in connection with compilation album.
Complaint Guetta Trademark



Tony Iommo, co-founder and lead guitarist of BLACK SABBATH, sues Live Nation of use of BLACK SABBATH name.
If you search the term “BAND NAMES TRADEMARKS” you will find many articles of unknown quality as to how to protect band names. I’ll tell you this: unincorporated partnerships can be ugly things to unwind.
Complaint Black Sabbath


Does This Sort Of Thing Happen Outside of France?

French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Sues Bag Makers PARDON Over Nude Image”