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I started the Trademark Blog eight years ago today. Bret Fausett was publishing the ICANN Blog at the time and I asked him for advice, and he recommended Radio Userland software. Nathan Hoover helped me install it. The first week, Ernest Svenson, Denise Howell and Tom Mighell, all lawyer-bloggers, linked to me, because they viewed

Hosted by Denise Howell. I appear along with Boing Boing writer Xeni Jarden and Cyberlawyer Kevin Thompson. We discuss various Facebook privacy issues, the Salinger case, the Hurt Locker, Nintendo and Gucci suing Chanel.
Show notes here.

If the expression ‘Scorpion Bowls at the Hong Kong’ has secondary meaning to you, then contact me and we can plan an expedition there for INTA.

Experience the romance of trademark and copyright litigation directly at the source, the 11th floor of the Chrysler Building. High-profile, cutting edge IP litigation practice, good-looking partners, etc. We’re looking for a litigation associate, 4 to 6 years experience in trademark and copyright and neighboring rights civil litigation. Sorry to be strict but we are

I’m still shuddering. I was supposed to appear on Fox Business Live (a streaming version of Fox Business) to discuss the IP aspects of Google’s dispute with China. Then this morphed into ‘the IP aspects of Secy of State Clinton’s Internet Freedom speech’ (which was a very good speech even though there was little to

I don’t understand why their telemarketers don’t mark their records “do not call – angry abusive guy threatens suit.”