Experience the romance of trademark and copyright litigation directly at the source, the 11th floor of the Chrysler Building. High-profile, cutting edge IP litigation practice, good-looking partners, etc. We’re looking for a litigation associate, 4 to 6 years experience in trademark and copyright and neighboring rights civil litigation. Sorry to be strict but we are serious about these specs: ‘litigation associate’ doesn’t mean ‘wants to get out of prosecution’, 4 to 6 years doesn’t mean ‘graduated law school last year’, ‘trademark and copyright’ doesn’t mean ‘bored of this one breach of contract case.’
Encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture a plus; claims of having read the TM Blog since 2002 subject to verification
Send your resume with a 2 paragraph cover email highlighting what you don’t want us to miss, to mschwimmer at symbol mosesandsinger dot com. No need to be funny or clever in the email, just to the point. Phone calls will disqualify.