Source: ICANN contract compliance team (which enforces the accrediation contact between a registrar and ICANN):
For January to October 2009:
9 terminations of registrars
7 (contested) non-renewals of registrars
184 breach notices transmitted
4,290 enforcement actions
9,304 consumer complaints processed

The comedian Gil Gottfried had a routine at a ‘roast’ honoring Bob Sagett where a recurring theme was the denial, with greater and greater specificity, that contrary to a rumor, Bob Sagett did not in fact rape and murder a young girl in 1990. It’s one of those bits that isn’t funny the first six

ICANN continues to move forward in the implementation of the new gTLD Program while balancing and addressing community concerns on specific aspects of the program. The public comment period on the second version of the applicant guidebook recently closed and work continues to proceed regarding the discussion of overarching issues.
In order to continue progress