Tucker Carlson works for The Daily Caller. He is on the opposite side of the political spectrum from Keith Olbermann. The Daily Caller purchased the name KEITHOLBERMANN.COM. Yesterday it ran a story on it entitled “WE OWN YOU.” As of this writing, the lead story on KEITHOLBERMANN.COM is not about Keith Olbermann but about

In anticipation of next week’s meeting in Brussels, ICANN has released a fourth draft of the Applicant Guidebook that describes the process of applying for new generic top level domains.
It has also released “An Economic Framemark for the Analysis of the Expansion of Generic Top-Level Domain Names” which concludes that either good and/or bad

.JOBS is a sponsored TLD. Wikipedia notes that:

The intended use of the domain jobs is for companies and organizations to register some version of their corporate names and use it for a site specifically aimed at those seeking employment with that company, as distinguished from general corporate and marketing sites in other

The UDRP only deals with cybersquatting in the second level domain of a gTLD, so the owner of the mark HOT RUSSIAN BRIDES will fail on the first prong of a UDRP against JIMSLIST.COM, even if the registrant uses the path name JIMSLIST.COM/AGENCIES/HOTRUSSIANBRIDES (and even if the UDRP panel believes that complainant has a perfectly

The Internet Committee of the International Trademark Association started its work for the year yesterday by asking us to introduce ourselves and outline what we wanted to work on. I got carried away with mine, so I’ve decided to expand my remarks into a treatise.
I have been involved in domain name disputes since 1994