"Coupons, Inc. Drops DMCA Lawsuit Against Coupon Hacker"

Ars Technica: “Coupons, Inc. drops DMCA Lawsuit Against Coupon Hacker“:

A copyright lawsuit against a man who posted instructions on how to print unlimited copies of coupons has been dropped. The defendant, John Stottlemire, posted to his website this week that he had reached a settlement with Coupons, Inc. after a year-long legal battle over the digital coupons, and that Coupons would not be able to file another similar action against him.
In late 2007, Stottlemire posted instructions to tenbucks.net detailing how to perform a number of registry key modifications under Windows that would allow users to print unlimited online coupons offered by couponsinc.com. Without the “hack,” users are technologically limited to printing only one coupon apiece.

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"Google Opens New Front In Battle Over Viacom's 'Copyright Cop'

Marketwatch.com: “Google Opens New Front In Battle Over Viacom’s ‘Copyright Cop“:

In a motion filed in federal court in San Jose, Google demands internal records from closely-held BayTSP Inc., one of a number of firms that offer copyright-policing services.
. . .
In a court filing, Google argues that BayTSP’s documents will “refute” Viacom’s own assertion that it can’t be expected to track down the improper use of its content. They will also demonstrate that Viacom routinely uploaded its own content to YouTube while asking BayTSP to avoid flagging it and requesting its removal — illustrating Viacom’s ability to manage the appearance of its content on YouTube for its own benefit, according to Google.

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Lessig: Copyright and Politics Don't Mix

Prof Lessing on the Op-Ed page of the NY Times: “Copyright and Politics Don’t Mix“:

After all, a 95-year copyright on “Wall-E” may encourage Pixar to make innovative movies, but we can be confident our presidential candidates don’t require any first-to-the-market advantages before they agree to debate, nor is there a need to protect their answers as though they were record albums or new technologies.

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Fair Use Project Sues Michael Savage Re DMCA

TechDirt: “Fair Use Project Sues Michael Savage For Stifling Free Speech of His Critics

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"YouTube Responds to McCain Campaign's Letter"

EFF: “YouTube Responds to McCain Campaign’s Letter

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McCain Campain Letter to YouTube Re Fair Use

McCain campaign letter to YouTube re Copyright Fair Use and DMCA.
Prof Lessig commentary.
UPDATE: NewTeeVee commentary.

EFF Commentary
and 43(b)log:

if the campaign is really serious about its First Amendment rights to use footage and other people’s songs, then it should do what the EFF and Stanford’s Fair Use Project have been doing and sue the people sending the notices for abuse of the DMCA. They’re the ones causing the problem, right?

Somewhat related: Fox sends C & D to McCain website.
HT Denise.
As IP Czar, I pledge to address the issue of the DMCA being used to chill political speech.
I’m also concerned by the amount of libel, slander and false advertising in political advertising, and the lack of effective remedies. The public has greater protection against lies about floor cleaners than lies about who their leaders will be.

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"Secret" RealDVD TRO?

TechDirt: “Why Was The Restraining Order On RealDVD Kept Secret?

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Text of Io v Veoh DMCA Ruling and EFF Commentary

EFF: “Required Reading for “User-Generated Content” Sites“:

In an important ruling handed down yesterday, a federal district court threw out a copyright infringement suit brought by adult video producer Io Group against Veoh, concluding that the video hosting site qualifies for the DMCA safe harbor. The ruling should be required reading for the executives of every “Web 2.0” business that relies on “user-generated content.”
Veoh, like YouTube, is a streaming video site that hosts videos uploaded by users. Io Group sued Veoh in 2006 after finding clips from 10 of its copyrighted adult films on the Veoh site. So far, this is a familiar story — user-generated content site gets sued by copyright owner for naughty uploading habits of users (see, e.g., lawsuits against MySpace, iMeem, YouTube, Redlasso, Hi5, Multiply, Stage6, MP3tunes, Scribd, Usenet.com, Bolt, and Grouper). But this is the first case to get to a final ruling, and it’s a total victory for Veoh.

Read this document on Scribd: DMCA Ruling: Io v. Veoh
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11 Letter Synonym For Scrabulous Is Wordscraper

NY Times: “On Facebook, an 11-Letter Synonym for Scrabulous Turns Out To Be Wordscraper“:

Unfortunately for Hasbro, players are not universally flocking to Hasbro’s official Scrabble game. Instead thousands are downloading Wordscraper, which has been available on Facebook since January but attracted little attention until Scrabulous shut down, and heading to their old favorite, Scrabulous, on the game’s independent Web site at www.scrabulous.com. Wordscraper had about 80,000 daily users on Facebook as of Sunday night and the Web site Scrabulous.com had thousands of players online on Sunday.


MediaSet, Silvio Berlusconi Sue YouTube In Italy

AlleyInsider: MediaSet, Silvio Berlusconi, Sue YouTube For $800 Million:

MediaSet, the dominant TV provider in Italy controlled by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, sued Google (GOOG) and YouTube in a Rome court, seeking “at least” $779 million in damages.
The Milan-based company found 4,643 videos from MediaSet companies on YouTube on June 10, representing 325 hours of broadcasting, the company said

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