McCain campaign letter to YouTube re Copyright Fair Use and DMCA.
Prof Lessig commentary.
UPDATE: NewTeeVee commentary.

EFF Commentary
and 43(b)log:

if the campaign is really serious about its First Amendment rights to use footage and other people’s songs, then it should do what the EFF and Stanford’s Fair Use Project have been doing and sue the people sending the notices for abuse of the DMCA. They’re the ones causing the problem, right?

Somewhat related: Fox sends C & D to McCain website.
HT Denise.
As IP Czar, I pledge to address the issue of the DMCA being used to chill political speech.
I’m also concerned by the amount of libel, slander and false advertising in political advertising, and the lack of effective remedies. The public has greater protection against lies about floor cleaners than lies about who their leaders will be.