Contributory/Vicarious Liability

Pinduoduo is an online shopping platform from China, that combines several e-commerce techniques, including coupons, and discounts for ‘aggregated sales’ (similar to the model of  Massdrop).  Pinduoduo is backed by Tencent.

It filed a Form F-1 in connection with a U.S. IPO on July 16.

On July 19, a Chinese diaper company, Beijing’s Daddy Choice,

WD Texas (Nov 2011): Judge dismisses defendant flea market’s motion to dismiss LV’s contributory trademark complaint on the pleadings (top document). Footnote 3 addressing policing burden: The argument that defendants are ‘impermissibly burdened’ is ‘unpersuasive.’ “Avoidance of contributory infringement does not require a flea-market owner to take precautions against the sale of counterfeit goods or

This is an important SDNY decision. Gucci sued companies that process credit card transactions for ‘replica’ websites. On 12(B)(6) motion, Court holds:

Gucci can proceed with its action against Defendants if it can show that they (1) intentionally induced the website to infringe through the sale of counterfeit goods or (2) knowingly supplied services to

District Court dismissal of direct and contributory infringement by eBay affirmed, dismissal of false advertising vacated and remanded back.
Very very quick summary after one quick reading: eBay has ‘general knowledge’ that for its Tiffany listings, some unknown percentage was counterfeit (not 95% but not zero). However, it doesn’t specifically know whether any particular listing