Ticketmaster v Prestige Entertainment, et. al., CD Cal, complaint filed yesterday:

Ticketmaster sells tickets online using its website and mobile apps. Its terms of use prohibits bots (software scripts designed to run tasks ‘at a far higher rate than would be possible for a human alone.’ It uses various methods to prohibit the use of bots, such as CAPTCHA. Defendants are alleged to ‘have been using bots to access and navigate through Ticketmaster’s website and mobile app, and through such unlawful use, improperly produce tickets for the purpose of reselling them at a substantial profit.” (para 5).

Defendants were alleged to have purchased thirty to forty percent of all tickets available through Ticketmaster for Hamilton and a majority of all Ticketmaster tickets for the recent Mayweather fight. Id.

Defendants had recently agreed with the NY AG to stop using bots. Id.

By being able to complete transactions more quickly than humans, and by buying tickets in excess of contractual ticket limits, bots deprive humans of the opportunity top purchase tickets. Bots circumvent copy protection systems. Bots make unauthorized copies of pages from the site and app. Bots make the Ticketmaster site run more slowly. Bots intentionally interfere with contract. Bots induce fraud. Bots drink too much beer, then talk loudly about how spoiled the players are.

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