TMView is a handy multi-country online trademark search tool provided by the good people at EUIPO, who, among other things, administer the European Community Trademark.

TMView is found at “”. If you search ‘TMView’, you will receive a result which may look like this:

tmdn dot org

HOWEVER, you may also receive an additional search result that looks like this:

tmview dot com

If you click on that link you will be directed to a site at “tmview dot com” which will resemble Euipo’s TMView site. If you look carefully, you will see that it is not the real TMView site(for example, when I visited today, the news clippings are from 2015).

If you perform a trademark search on this page, you will not receive search results, but rather you will be directed to the official TMView search page. Most people will likely assume that there was some glitch, and start again.

I do not know precisely what occurs to search terms on the page.
However, based on similar pages in the past, I will speculate that what might be happening is that the site is saving and harvesting these search terms. If someone wanted to search a possible trademark such as [EXAMPLE] on TMView, they may not have yet used that term or filed a trademark application. The act of searching that term may be of interest to a domainer, who might be tempted to file for [EXAMPLE] in important TLDs.

The registrant of is ‘Institute of Advanced Networking Technologies’ to whom it was transferred by Michael Gleissner in 2015. The admin email addresses for both Mr. Gleissner and the present registrant, are hosted at Mr. Gleissner is the founder of Bigfoot Enterprises, according to this interesting WIPR article.

H/T John Berryhill.