WTR Managing The Trademark Asset Lifecycle 2015


I over-work the cliché: “that which goes without saying, often goes without doing.” When we give advice to our clients, it goes without saying that each recommendation should be preceded by: “if it makes economic sense to do so.” So often we forget to consider whether we should, for example, be paying $2 to protect $1.

Sometimes the outside lawyer doesn’t need to know the economics behind a deal in order to craft advice. However, how could knowing the underlying economics of a trademark ever be a bad thing? If for no other reason, understanding the value of the asset in question (hopefully) puts outside counsel on the same wavelength as the client.

World Trademark Review is presenting a conference on “Managing the Trademark Asset Lifecycle” in New York, on October 29, 2015.

The program covers brand creation, valuation, taxation, securitization and licensing. The full program is here.

The speakers are, on the whole, in-house counsel for some of the most valuable properties in the world. The full speaker list is here.

WTR reached out to me and I will be wearing my ‘working-blogger’ hat and attending and live-tweeting the conference, at WTR’s invitation.

Hope to see you there.