A jury in the Southern District of New York (White Plains) awarded a complete victory to Triboro Quilt Manufacturing Corporation in its lawsuit against Luve LLC arising from an exclusive license agreement between the parties. Under the agreement, Triboro licensed a patent pending bath blanket (designed to keep babies warm in the bath) along with a related trademark and copyrights from Luve. After Triboro had successfully placed Luve’s product with Triboro’s customer base of mass merchandisers, Luve sought to terminate the agreement. Triboro sued to keep the agreement in force and protect its investment in building the product line. Luve counterclaimed for breach of contract and misappropriation. After seven days of testimony, the jury found for Triboro on all counts, including that Triboro had not breached the agreement, that Triboro had not misappropriated anything from Luve and thus was not liable to Luve for any damages and that Luve had not properly terminated the contract, which remains in force today.

Triboro is an 80-year old family owned and operated business located in White Plains, New York that sells baby clothing, bedding and bath items, including to well-known big box stores. The case is Triboro Quilt Manufacturing Corporation v. Luve LLC (7:10-cv-03604-VB) and it was handled by Leason Ellis LLP, which teamed up with Yankwitt LLP for the trial.

Congratulations to LE attorneys Paul Fields, Cameron Reuber and Karin Segall.