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This is a link to the opening ‘da-duh’ clang from Law and Order.

Kevin Mernone ran Gluco Perfect, a successful medical supply company. According to the complaint: He was an alcoholic and going through a divorce. Defendant Francine Freiman worked at the company. While he struggled with his disease, she ‘covertly’ plied him with liquor. She and her co-conspirators, looted the company. They forged checks, embezzled, etc. The established a ‘mirror image’ company, Perfect Gluco, to divert funds. In the last days of his life, while he lay in a coma, she and others stole personal effects of his (they allegedly carried out a safe!). The widow (the divorce was never finalized) and the company now sue to reclaim what was stolen.

OK – sounds like there is indeed a colorable trademark cause but the forged checks and embezzled funds sound criminal as well. I can’t find any references on the Internet to any criminal proceeding.

gluco perfectgluco perfect

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