What is the significance? ICANN’s eccentricity is in part explained that it is ‘captured’ by the domain industry. With the advent of dot brands, real world players move toward the domain industry and the domain industry must now move toward the real world.

June 28, 2012

Dr. Steve Crocker, Chair – Board of Directors
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 12025 Waterfront Drive, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90094-­‐2536

Re: Need for Representation of Single Entity/Single User gTLD Registries

Dear Dr. Crocker,

We write today to informally notify you, the ICANN Board, and the ICANN Community of our intention to form a new constituency/stakeholder group to represent the needs of the forthcoming single entity/single user contracted parties, of which we are members. We are very excited at the prospects of bringing a new perspective and new community to ICANN’s multi-­‐stakeholder process.

By expanding the space for gTLDs, ICANN has opened the door to a wide range of new business models and participants. As would be expected, this change will bring not only exciting advances and innovations to the Internet, but will inevitably result in a need to allow these new voices to be represented and heard.

As single entity/single user applicants, we have spent time since Costa Rica individually and with a broader group of applicants reviewing the various constituencies and stakeholder groups already represented at ICANN. This has included a review of their charters and bylaws. As a completely new type of contracted party, we do not have a home to represent our unique community. In addition, the existence of conflicts with other contracted parties makes it challenging for us to reside within their stakeholder group.
We will continue our discussions with similarly situated applicants and ICANN staff to define the best vehicle and position for this new constituency or stakeholder group over the next several months, and will hold a meeting in Toronto to further refine our position and our remit.

Thank you very much. We look forward to working with you and the larger community.

Respectfully yours,

Stacey King Richemont DNS Inc.
Laura Covington Yahoo! Inc.
Russell Pangborn Microsoft Corporation
Martin Sutton HSBC Holdings plc

Mr. Rod Beckstrom, CEO, ICANN
Mr. Akram Atallah, Interim CEO, ICANN
Mr. Fadi Chehade, Incoming CEO, ICANN
Ms. Heather Dryden, Chair, Government Advisory Committee
Mr. Kurt Pritz, Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, ICANN
Mr. Ray Plzac, Chair, Structural Improvements Committee
Mr. David Maher, Chair, Registries Stakeholder Group
Mr. Robert Hoggarth, Senior Policy Director, ICANN
Ms. Samantha Eisner, Senior Counsel, ICANN
Ms. Diane Schroeder, Director of Board Support, ICANN