Hypothetical: Two days ago, Apple files an ITU application for iEXAMPLE for widgets. Yesterday Apple holds a conference and announces the new product. It is met with acclaim and every media outlet in the world covers the news. By the end of the day, iEXAMPLE is a household word. Distributors cannot yet place orders for the iEXAMPLE with Apple.

This morning, Bad Guy #1, a serial cybersquatter, registered the domain name iEXAMPLE.com, and uses it for keyword ads relating to Apple and its products.

Also this morning, Bad Guy #2, a serial counterfeitor, registered the domain name CHEAPiREPLICAS.COM, and starts to offer widgets under the iEXAMPLE mark.

Assume all behavior described above takes place in the US.

Discuss Apple’s remedies as they exist today.

Good luck, cheating is allowed, have a good summer.