We’re up to seven US trademark applications for LINSANITY.  Two of them are used-based (!!) claiming Feb 7 as a date of first use (specimen depicted above).  Jeremy Lin’s application has been assigned to an examiner after four days, suggesting that perhaps he availed himself of the “Make Special” petition, or as the PTO ought to refer to it, the Fast Break.

Lin’s first twenty-plus game was Feb 4.  He then scored 28 against Utah on February 6.  I would say that the first wave of Linsanity hit New York the morning of Feb 7.

However, a google of “Who coined Linsanity” reveals that a friend of Lin registered the domain name Linsanity.com on July 17, 2010.  On that site we also learn that Spike Lee wore Jeremy Lin’s Palo Alto High School jersey to the Feb 17 game.

I will throw in a self-promoting reference here to a discussion of terms that are coined by fans () which may or may not be the case here.

In international developments, it is reported that a woman with ‘sharp business acumen’ filed for Jeremy Lin’s name in Chinese characters last year.

Incidentally, I’m really annoyed at Lin because now I’m sucked into believing that the Knicks can get past the first round of the playoffs this year.

In other NBA news, Michael Jordan filed a lawsuit in China regarding mis-use of his name.