CNN International called me.  They had two ‘experts’ lined up on either side to debate SOPA and one had canceled so they going to replace them with a middle of a roader, and someone had recommended me.  I dashed to the Time Warner Center, and I saw Jessica Alba in the make-up room.  Really.  During the preparation phone call, it was agreed that I was going to say “The prononents of SOPA say 1, 2 and 3 and the opponents say 4, 5 and 6, and compromise would look like this.”  I was given a horrible make-up job, which made me look as if I were bald and had bags under my eyes.    Just before my segment started the anchor said that she doesn’t really want to discuss the actual legislation because the international audience won’t care.  So these were the questions I was asked live:

“Which side is right?”

“Will the black out work?” and

“Will this hurt Obama?”

To which I replied:

“All my clients are right.  They want both trusted ecommerce AND freedom of speech.”

“The black out will work because you’re covering it.”

“This will not hurt Obama if he champions a reasonable compromise.”

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