We have a share in a ‘community-supported agriculture’ organic food plan and we get more green leafy vegetables than we know what to do with. My wife  places kale flat on a baking pan, drizzles it with olive oil, puts it in the oven, and out comes kale chips.  My nine year old eats loads of kale now, and now he can lift cars.

Any way, there’s a guy in Vermont who, how shall we put it,  sounds like a character,  and prints up EATS MORE KALE stickers and t-shirts.

OK, survey time.  Don’t look at the next paragraph yet.  Who sent him the demand letter?

Why, Chick-fil-a, which owns registrations for EAT MOR CHIKIN.  It has an advertising campaign in which cows urge people to, uh, eat more chicken.  But they spell the words wrong because they’re cows.

Apparently they went after him in 2006, then backed off.  But now the Vermont guy has filed an application for EAT MORE KALE, and you know the rest of this song.

(‘)(‘)  <- me rolling my eyes.

I had never heard of Chick-Fil-A before the song “Army” by Ben Folds  (which explains the cryptic title of the post).