I’m Ollie, senior dog correspondent. Bayer owns an incontestable registration for ADVANTAGE for flea and tick products for dogs and cats. It also sells K9 ADVANTIX, exclusively for dogs. My brother and I use Frontline, but that is not intended to disparage the good people at Bayer. Plaintiff alleges that Indian generic pharma CIPLA (covertly) manufactures DA DOUBLE ADVANTAGE and conspires to sell it into the US through several offshore websites. One of the defendants in fact is incorporated in Vanuatu, a small chain of volcanic islands in the Pacific 1000 miles from Australia. A marvelous diving destination I’m told, but an odd choice for a logistics operation.

Paragraphs 34 on contain the meat of the allegations regarding the alleged conspiracy (and allegation of evidence of actual confusion).

There is also a public safety issue, or should I say feline safety issue, as DA DOUBLE ADVANTAGE cannot be given to cats.

A legal writing aside: read paragraph one of this complaint, then scroll through the Trademark Blog archives to read, say, five other complaints. No beating around the bush – straight to the heart of the wrong.

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