The NY Times ran an article today on KENNEDY FRIED CHICKEN . There was an original KENNEDY FRIED CHICKEN in Brooklyn and it spend its early years being sued by KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, That dispute ended when KFC became KFC. While the owner of the original Kennedy’s now owns federal trademark registration 2994240, the name has ‘spawned 100’s of imitators.’   The site KENNEDY FRIED CHICKEN appears to be an unaffiliated directory of all such stores by that name.  According to the article, the name ‘has become to oily drumsticks what the ubiquitous Ray’s name once was to New York pizza.’ uh oh.

p.s. Searching KENNEDY FRIED CHICKEN in Google image is worth a few moments of your time.

p.p.s. photo above (c) J Welch dba TTablog