Older brother is a hair stylist, ‘hires’ (that’s in dispute) younger brother to film hair styling instructional videos.  They part ways.  Younger brother continues selling the videos.  Older brother sues on copyright, trademark, right of publicity, cybersquatting and infliction of emotional distress.  Younger brother moves for summary judgement for all but copyright claim.    Mixed results.

First aside: Older brother is pro se, younger brother is represented by large firm.

Second aside: At one point earlier in the case, the Judge entered the following Order:

Plaintiff is hereby warned that he is not helping his case by sending these emails and leaving the voicemails for defendant’s counsel. Any further communication to defendant’s counsel shall be by letter, not by phone or email. Plaintiff should focus on his case, not defendant’s counsel. However, defendant’s counsel’s request for the Court to redact the defamatory portions of plaintiff’s  January 28, 2009 letter is denied. So Ordered.

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