The Town of Islip in Long Island owns and operates Macarthur Airport. Plaintiff obtained the domain name MACARTHURAIRPORT.COM in 2000 and put up a website around that time.  Check out the official looking Transportation Security Adminstration banners on the top of the page.  Check out the very small disclaimer at the very very bottom.

Plaintiff allegedly approached the Town of Islip with a proposal to operate the website and was rebuffed.  Plaintiff has apparently operated the website all this time.  The Town approached him in 2007 and began discussions which led nowhere.  Plaintiff went out and registered a bunch more domain names.   The Town began its own official website at FLYLIMA.COM (LIMA standing for Long Island Macarthur Airport and not the Peruvian city).  Town brought a UDRP in August of this year which it apparently won (the decision, NAF 1339861) is not up on the NAF site yet).  Plaintiff brings a DJ against the Town to stay the transfer.

Complaint DJ Mac Arthur Airport