“Dozier Sues College Dropout for Trademark Infringement”:

Dozier alleges, “Riley is particularly fond of attacking law firms with whom he competes for the business of representing entrepreneurs and inventors in intellectual property negotiations.”
In Dozier’s case, the lawsuit contends, the Riley businesses have launched a Web page that contains twelve different instances in which the trademark “Dozier Internet Law” is exclusively used as anchor text in a hypertext link. As Dozier explains it, “An anchor link is supposed to describe the destination a visitor will reach when clicking on the link, and functions much like a road map with a shortcut. These anchor links, however, do not take a visitor to the Dozier Internet Law website. Rather, the links send the party clicking on them to the main website used by the Riley Businesses that offer services which directly compete with Dozier Internet Law.”

Read the whole article. I look forward to reading the complaint.