PCMAG: DomainNameWire reports about a message it received from the U.S. Copyright Registry, which is apparently located in Manhattan, which advises that:

You are required to advise the US Copyright Registry of your intent to license this website if registration is administered through the UCR as this is your final notice.
Note: you may disregard this notice. If you disregard this notice or fail to reply:
UCR and the United States Patent and Trademark office will NOT be liable for infringement of your website, interruption of business activity or business losses.

I would venture that the statement that “if you fail to notify UCR, that the US PTO will not be liable for interruption of business activity,” is true on its face. Having said that, the seeming if/then quality of the sentence lends a certain implication of causality that may not be warranted.
Also, check out the US Copyright Registry website, which features a picture of Reagan Administration officials James Baker, Ed Meese and Michael Deaver, no doubt obtained from a Google Image search of ‘official-looking guys.’

Read this doc on Scribd: US Copyright Registry

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