Trademark applications are stored on publicly accessible databases. As a result, private entities can idnetify trademark applicants, and send them solicitations. Some of these solications are formatted to resemble official documents. While some solications may be for watching services, some request fees for listing on directories of no apparent merit.
We have accumulated this list by reviewing such solications and from ‘warning’ notices sent by other firms. We cannot comment on the legitimacy of any of the entities on this list but we can note that NONE OF THESE ENTITIES ARE GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES and that NO PAYMENTS ARE REQUIRED TO THESE ENTITIES TO MAINTAIN TRADEMARK REGISTRATIONS OR PENDING APPLICATIONS.
American Trademark Agency
Company for Economic Publications Ltd. – Vienna, Austria
CPI (Company for Publications and Information Anstalt, and not be confused with Computer Packages Inc. of the U.S. and the Netherlands).
Globus Edition S.L. – Spain
INFOCOM – Switzerland
Publication et Information SARL – Liechenstein
Societe pour Global Edition KFT
TM-Collection Kft – Hungary
TMI Trademark Info Corporation – Texas
Trademark Renewal Service – Washington D.C.
U.S. Trademark Maintenance Service – Houston, TX
U.S. Trademark Protection Agency – Washington DC.
ZDR-Datenregister GmbH – Germany
If you have suggested additions to this list, please forward the questionable invoice to marty at schwimmerlegal dot com.