TechCrunch: “And The Walls Came Tumbling Down: Madonna Dumps Record Industry“:
“The only real question now is how fast will the music industry model come tumbling down. When Radiohead led the way in offering their music directly to fans many predicted that the move was the beginning of the end; Madonna may well be the tipping point from where we will now see a flood of recording artists dumping record labels and where todays model will shortly become a footnote in Wikipedia.”
UPDATE: SIlicon Alley Insider: Radiohead: 1.3 million downloads!
In 1998 I co-wrote with C. Mende an article entitled “Madonna and Audio Streaming” where I’m sure I predicted all of this because I’m so damn prescient, but I’m getting a “page not found error” from, so it’s like the article never even existed.
UPDATE: oh, it looks like someone saved a copy of “Madonna and Audio Streaming.” Looks like my prediction that ‘only time will tell’ was wrong.