Wired.com: “I Was a Hacker for the MPAA“:
The MPAA’s use of Anderson is one of a series of controversies the movie industry is confronting in its zero-tolerance war on piracy. MediaDefender, a California company that tracks and disrupts file sharing of movies and music, was reported to Swedish authorities last month by The Pirate Bay, after an internet leak revealed the extent to which MediaDefender pollutes file-sharing services with fake, decoy content. And an executive at a national theater chain successfully pressed New Jersey authorities in August to prosecute a teenager for filming 20 seconds of a movie at a theater to show to her little brother later.
With regard to allegtions that copyright owners ‘pollute file-sharing services with fake, decopy content’, I have always been concerned to what extent an IP owner can commit what might possibly be tortious behavior towards an entity whose activites may be wholly or partly lawful with regard to that IP owner.